Getting Started

These guides are designed to be used by developers who will write and implement the code that will use the STATS API.

Our API uses RESTful URLs. You can use whichever programming language you are most comfortable with to implement your company's solution.

Using these guides

Here, we have provided instructions on setup, integration, common examples of use cases, and key information that will help you avoid potential issues and explain errors.

You will see colour-coded notices throughout our guides to alert you to these and more in depth information.

Notes give you extra details to help you understand our API better.
Tips give you information and recommendations to get the most out of our API
Cautions help you to avoid potential issues
Warnings alert you to steps and information you need to observe

Before you begin

You can start integrating with the STATS API as soon as you receive your unique account details from us. Every request must be authenticated using your unique credentials.

Make sure you visit the following guides to learn how to use our API:

Note: In our reference pages we show HTTP syntax (rather than cURL) for our example GET requests. Whichever programming language and data format you use, make sure your requests contain the correct parameters and values in the URI and header.