I/O Docs

The API calls below can be used to test the Input and Output of our API endpoints. You'll need an API key and an assigned secret to access the live data and so if you haven't contacted us yet, now is the time! Our sales staff would be happy to set you up with trial access so you can begin to evaluate the product.

After you've been given an API key and secret, enter it below and "Get" the method you'd like to try out. Fill in the parameters with what you'd like to try, or use the built in defaults, and click "Try It!" to execute the call. The JSON or XML response will be populated in the Response Body, the Response Body will provide you with any relevant codes, and the Request Header URI will show you how the call would be made within your application.

Please note:
This web application will sometimes take a long time to display the results when you click "Try it!" than it does to actually receive the data. You can confirm how long it takes for STATS to process the request by looking at the timeTaken node in the results body.

For the IO endpoints below, the parameters you fill are ARE case sensitive. For example, "/v1/decode/networktypes/" will return "596 Service Not Found"; it must be "/v1/decode/networkTypes".

Also, endpoints almost always require a final "/". You will receive "596 Service Not Found" when it is missing. An exception to this is for optional methods, such as eventId or teamId.

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