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The Many Languages of the STATS API

The STATS API is a gold mine of names, teams, locations, venues and every other bit of sports data that you need access to. It's also available in 30 languages -- plus a phonetic option -- that can be found at

If you're using a language other than English, you will need to include that in your API call via the "languageid=#" parameter:

Please be aware that not every language is available for every sport and not every endpoint is translated. However, player and country names are among the translated selection. That means the United States will appear the following way in the API in Spanish (languageid=2), Russian (16), Japanese (4), French (6) and Italian (8).

"countryId": 1,
"name": "Estados Unidos",
"abbreviation": "USA"
"countryId": 1,
"name": "Соединённые Шта́ты Аме́рики",
"abbreviation": "USA"
"countryId": 1,
"name": "アメリカ合衆国",
"abbreviation": "USA"
"countryId": 1,
"name": "États-Unis",
"abbreviation": "USA"
"countryId": 1,
"name": "Stati Uniti",
"abbreviation": "USA"

If you're wondering what the San Francisco Giants look like in Japanese, wonder no more:

"teamId": 250,
"location": "サンフランシスコ",
"nickname": "ジャイアンツ",
"abbreviation": "SF",

The Dallas Cowboys are still "America's Team" in Korean:

"teamId": 331,
"location": "댈러스",
"nickname": "카우보이스",
"abbreviation": "Dal",

Perhaps you're looking for the New York Rangers in simplified Chinese:

"teamId": 4966,
"location": "纽约",
"nickname": "游骑兵",
"abbreviation": "NYR",

If the language isn't available for that sport or league, then it will return in English despite the call's request for a different language. Since English is the default language of the STATS API, then you don't need to specifically request it (languageid=1).

If you're interested in accessing other languages or would like to have one added, please contact your Account Manager.